State of the Coronado National Forest

The Coronado National Forest is split into 12 Ecosystem Management Areas (EMAs) that are centered on one or more major mountain ranges in the Sky Island region. Threats to the Coronado National Forest are rampant. Many of the most pressing issues that must be addressed in revising the Land and Resource Management Plan are Forest wide.

State of the Coronado National Forest: An Assessment and Recommendations for the 21st Century is a tool to channel a wealth of site-specific information into conservation of the Coronado's ecosystems. This report examines history, natural history, current conditions, and threats on the Coronado National Forest and provides management recommendations. Broken into 13 chapters with the initial chapter containing an overview of the Forest and forest-wide recommendations based on the Coronado Planning Partnership Statement of Principles. The overview chapter lays the background for the reaming 12 chapters that are each devoted to an individual Ecosystem Management Area, with issues and recommendations specific to that EMA. Download individual chapters below (1.5-3 MB)

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Forest-Wide Overview: Please read this chapter first!

Chapter 1: Coronado National Forest
Overview of the State of the Coronado

Douglas Ranger District:

Chapter 2: Chiricahua EMA
Chiricahua EMA
Chapter 3: Dragoon EMA
Dragoon EMA
Chapter 4: Peloncillo EMA
Peloncillo EMA

Nogales Ranger District:

Chapter 5: Santa Rita EMA
Santa Rita EMA
Chapter 6: Tumacacori EMA
Tumacacoti EMA

Safford Ranger District:

Chapter 7: Galiuro EMA
Galiuro EMA
Chapter 8: Pinaleño EMA
PinaleƱo EMA
Chapter 9: Santa Teresa EMA
Santa Teresa EMA
Chapter 10: Winchester EMA
Winchester EMA

Santa Catalina Ranger District:

Chapter 11: Santa Catalina EMA
Santa Catalina EMA

Sierra Vista Ranger District:

Chapter 12: Huachuca EMA
Huachuca EMA
Chapter 13: Whetstone EMA
Whetstone EMA