Join Forces to Protect the Sky Islands!

Welcome to the Sky Island Action Center! Here you'll find tools, and information to protect the wild landscapes, inhabitants, and their human neighbors in the Sky Island region. This unique region of grassland valleys and Sky Island mountains is a bridge between wild realms where the temperate Rocky Mountains and Colorado Plateau meet the subtropics of the Sierra Madre Occidental.

The Coronado National Forest of southeastern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico is a global treasure located in the heart of the Sky Island region. The Forest is revising its long-term Forest Management Plan. This revision process can strengthen the protection of the extraordinary landscape and create a model of success for other National Forests.

Browse the Action Center to find all the information you need to get involved in the Coronado Forest Plan revision, and to work to help protect the wondrous Sky Island region.

Launched and maintained by Sky Island Alliance, the Action Center contains maps, databases, publications, presentation materials, schedules of events, opportunities to network with organizations in the region, and links to a wealth of information about the Sky Islands.